Small Frys Doggy Daycare
Non-Sedating Teeth Cleaning
Small Frys Doggy Daycare is proud to present another fantastic service!
We have been trained by the K9 Gentle Dental team out of Vancouver to offer
anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for your dog!

Why should you have your dog’s teeth cleaned?

Dogs can develop problems like tartar/plaque buildup and gingivitis. However It’s not just bad breath and yellow teeth you have to worry about. As with humans, these canine dental problems can actually lead to life-threatening infections and issues including heart, liver, and kidney disease. Practicing good teeth hygiene can actually extend your dog’s life!

Why non-sedating?

This procedure is 100% safe, whereas having your dog’s teeth cleaned while under anesthesia at a vet’s office always presents some element of risk. 1 out of every 300 dogs dies due to complications after anesthesia. This service is not meant to be a replacement for vets, but rather a complementary one.  This a cosmetic prodeure without breaching the gumline, in the hopes to limit the number of times your dog must go under anesthesia. 

What is the cost?

The cost of this procedure can be extremely high at a vet’s office, ranging from $300-$900.
We are offering a great rate of only $99, which makes it much easier to keep up regular teeth cleaning for your dog.

What if I am working the day of the cleaning?

No problem! Just drop your dog off before work and we will offer you free daycare before and after their teeth cleaning appointment! The appointment itself is only 45-60 minutes long.

What if I have a difficult to handle dog?

We have a 99% success rate with all dogs! However if we are unable to completely finish your dog to 100% of your satisfaction, there will be absolutely NO charge! There is no risk to at least having us try to work on your dog!

How do I book an appointment?

Our teeth cleaning services are scheduled just as any other grooming service and can even be booked online.

Call us to book an appointment at 604-824-1800.

Where can I learn more about the techniques used by K9 Gentle Dental?

Read more or watch their video at:
Call them with questions at: (604) 363-2264
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