Small Frys Doggy Daycare
Our Policies

By leaving your dog in Small Frys care, it is deemed that all of the terms and conditions below have been understood and agreed upon:

• I understand that Small Frys is a place where animals socialize in groups and that during normal dog play my dog may sustain injuries. All dog play is carefully monitored at Small Frys to avoid injury but scratches, torn ligaments, punctures and broken bones may occur despite our best supervision efforts. I understand, as per BC Law outlined in the Occupiers Liability Act, that Small Frys is not financially responsible for the costs of ANY treatment as a result of attending Small Frys

• I understand that Small Frys has relied on my representation that my dog is in good health, has up to date vaccinations/flea protection and has not previously shown signs of aggression.

• I understand that if my dog goes into heat while attending Small Frys additional charges may be levied due to cleaning requirements, application of sanitary diapers, extra staff supervision and the need to segregate and protect my dog. I agree to pay these charges without dispute.

• I understand that I am solely financially responsible for any and all harm or damage caused by my dog while in attendance at Small Frys.

• If my dog soils itself or is discovered to have fleas, and Small Frys is required to bath him/her in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, I agree to pay the grooming charges for such.

• I allow and consent my dog to being photographed, video taped and or used in any media/advertising by Small Frys without prior approval by me. All such photographs etc are the property of Small Frys

• I agree that in the event that I do not provide an adequate amount of food for the duration of my dogs stay, Small Frys reserves the right to provide a suitable replacement food at owners expense.

• Grooming concerns must be brought to our attention at time of pick up. Once the dog has left our property, Small Frys is no longer responsible for further corrections.

• I understand that with the benefit of a professional groomer comes the inherent risk that my dog may inadvertently move and cause an accidental cut. Small Frys will provide first aid in these situations but will not be financially responsible for any resulting vet bills.

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